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Divorce is always a difficult, painful decision. But the process itself doesn't have to add to it.

The Mediation and Law Office of Bill Hoefer offers a range of options that avoid emotionally and financially devastating legal battles–often with very similar outcomes.

Sympathetic and shrewd, Bill Hoefer has an in-depth knowledge of Divorce and Family Law. He knows the local County Courthouse systems and is familiar with the judges he'll be presenting your case to. He also has a genuine talent for getting mediation clients who are at odds to embrace common sense and find solutions that allow them to move forward towards a positive future.

You’ve probably seen the ads. A $399 divorce seems too good to be true. And as many of their clients later discovered, it was. Important documents were prepared by paralegals, not trained attorneys. Paperwork was filled out incompletely or filed incorrectly, requiring lengthy court refiling delays. Fair distribution of assets, debts and tax consequences were not explored and later
cost the client dearly.

So why risk looking back and saying “If only I'd paid a little more, I wouldn't be paying for it now.”

Bill Hoefer can show you the difference between doing a cheap job and doing a good job inexpensively.

Uncontested Divorces Divorce Mediation Separation Agreements
Expedited & Military Divorces
Annullments Post-divorce Litigation
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